e-Solidarity Network

We are a network of civic activists united by our common cause: solidarity among people, disregard of their countries of origin, of their race or beliefs. In 2 words: human beings.

We support the initiative born within CPLP (Community of Countries with Portuguese as Official Language), for the creation of "Audio-Visual Nuclei" for "Freedom and Democracy" (LeD), as part of a large "Audio-Visual Network" (RAV) of such Nuclei, as one important path towards breaking the lock that Big Business - and therefore the right wing parties - have on most mainstream media. This is a good example of how the revolution of the new information and communication technologies can empower citizens and citizen groups, and build a strong participatory democracy.

There can be no Freedom nor Democracy with most media in the hands of special interests.

We are therefore happy to host any start-up of nuclei towards this RAV-LeD

This site is still in construction, but we came across an important and relevant "open letter" on the Greek situation, that we fully support:

  • solidarity at world

    Some of our network members wrote a small article about the people that are among the signatories of this "open letter":

    A new emergence in the political landscape on the Portuguese left – another effect of the Greek crisis.