A nation that oppresses another cannot be free
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"A nation that oppresses another cannot be free"

Open-letter to the citizens of Portugal and all European Union

We have recently heard from the President of the Republic of Portugal (Mr Cavaco Silva), speaking as the highest representative authority of this nation and with the authority of his self-proclaimed wisdom as economist, that "it is harsh what is imposed on Greece, much harsher than what was on the table before the referendum" (sic).

As indeed the only change between the 'before' and 'after' was the resounding referendum victory of the NO from the Greek people to "what was on the table", there is only one conclusion. The President of the Republic is corroborating the accusations of many, including Economy Nobel Laureates, that the current "agreement" is essentially a Punishment to the Greek People for daring to express their democratic vote, there being no justification whatsoever for this worsening from one day to another.

We consider this act of punishment a violent assault on democracy and intolerable in any State that abides by the rule of law, legitimated by the democratic vote.

It is intolerable that there exists in the European Union those who can both desire and have the power to punish a people, by shutting down the liquidity line to their banks and thus cutting off people's access to essential goods, in a shameful blackmail, until their government is compelled to go against their program and democratic mandate, reaffirmed in a referendum. If this is something no citizen can tolerate, even less so can a President of the Republic in a Democracy tolerate it.

That a harsher "agreement" is imposed on top of this, as sheer retaliation to the result of a democratic vote, in a clear intimidation so that no other country dares to vote "No", makes this act even more intolerable.

As it happens, we heard the Portuguese Prime Minister (Mr Passos Coelho) bragging of having contributed to the shape of this new "deal", that, according to the President of Republic's own words, made even worse what was "imposed" (sic) on the Greek people. If this punishment of an entire country for expressing themselves democratically is intolerable, even more intolerable is a Prime Minister of a Democracy boasting of having helped such an aggravation.

The President of the Republic of Portugal is therefore highly compromised by his declarations. If he does not immediately dismiss the Prime Minister he is proclaiming to all Portuguese and European citizens that he is an accomplice in this shameful blackmail policy against the Greek ... and the Portuguese people.

In fact, we also heard the Vice-Prime Minister (Mr Paulo Portas), leader of the coalition partner of the government, stating publicly that if Portugal had had another Prime Minister, one who would express solidarity with Greece, he would have put "Portugal closer to the problem". Implying that Portugal would be closer to similar punishments, simply for showing such solidarity!

Any government that governs based on blackmail and fear is unworthy of governing a Democracy.

The architects of this punishment, who trample democracy and impose themselves through force, blackmail and fear, should not forget that no people will subject themselves indefinitely to oppression and indignity.

In the next elections, we may have a last democratic chance to save our sovereignty and peace in a European Union built on solidarity. By giving the only possible reply to those that wish to control us through fear and blackmail: No.

Pedro Ferraz de Abreu
Glória Ramalho
Vasco Lupi Costa
José Portela
Anabela Costa Neves
Carlos Miranda
Luz Moita
José Carlos Cima Gomes
Melissa Shinn
Margarida Magalhães Ramalho
Mário Augusto Carneiro
Orlando Cardoso Gonçalves
Albano Torres
Deolinda Revez
Maria Fernanda Veiga de Oliveira
Maria do Rosário Azevedo
Filomena Viegas
Maria João Salsa Brissos
João Brissos
Maria da Graça Almeida Ribeiro
Graça Maria Almeida Ribeiro
Pedro Paulo Machado Alves Mendes
Ana Luísa da Silva Costa
João André Cortesão Ferraz de Abreu
Augusto José dos Santos Fitas

Renata Sancho
Graça Costa
Gracinda Veloso da Silva
Manuel Pereira Lopes
Maria Martins Soares
Maria Olímpia Lopes Baptista Alves
Olga Moura
Ana Maria Alistão Rodrigues
Márcio André Santos Lopes
José Gago da Silva
Margarida Graça
Manuel Orlando da Silva Pina
João Carlos Silva
Ana Cabral
Marta Filipe Mendes
Sandra Cristina Antunes de Oliveira
Francesca Savoldi
Inês Fagundes Gonçalves
Maria Teresa Parada Ramos
Elisabete Albergaria Amaral e Sousa
Manuel Carneiro Campos
Maria Cristina Barata Fernandes Carneiro Campos
Tomás Caeiro Pinto Nogueira
Helena Mascarenhas
José Manuel Vasconcelos

To subscribe this open letter: please send name, ID, City and Country (required), telephone number (optional) to pfa@mit.edu.

Note: Our only concern is to list names corresponding to real people, for ethical reasons of transparency and rigor. We guarantee that in no case will we disclose such data.

Sent by the first 25 signatories on July 21, 2015 to the media and social networks, in Portugal and abroad, as an " Open letter to the Portuguese and all EU citizens" by citizens who fought and are fighting for freedom and democracy, before and after the Portuguese April 25th Democratic Revolution, that overturned the fascist dictatorship and ended the colonial war.


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